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Jayine Consulting Inc - Taxes and Accounting

We are a reputed accounting firm with many satisfied clients & offer excellent services in accounting, taxation, Canada Business Plans and business consulting as under:-


         Personal Tax return T1

         Corporate Tax returns T2 and tax planning

         Corporate and personal tax planning

         Assistance in CRA audits

Financial Statement Preparations

         Balance Sheet

         Income Statement (P&L)

         Financial Projections and forecasts 


         Accounting set up and bookkeeping (full cycle)

         Bank Reconciliation

         GST/HST & PST or other sales tax remittance

         Credit Card Reconciliation

         Other Account Reconciliations

         Part time controllership


         Business name registration for sole proprietorship, partnership, and incorporation (Ontario and Federal)

         Self-employed financial statements

         Business Plan

         Business Loans & financing

         Business consulting, Canada Business Plans

         Due diligence on buying and selling of businesses

         Federal & provincial incorporations & Business Registrations

         Minutes Books

         Financial Projections, cash flows, budgeting and costing


         Payroll tax preparations

         T4 preparations

         T4 Summary preparations

         Record of employment preparation

         Payroll  reports

         CPP, EI, WSIB, EHT & Tax

We also outsource the accounting work to processing centers India. For accounting QuickBooks and caseware is used. 

Some of the income tax work is outsourced to India as well. Our experts deal with tax planning, audit and settlements. Our Canada Business Plans are very popular and accepted by banks and other lenders, investors, angel investors and venture capitalists.

The Business Plans are prepared very realistic keeping in mind its ultimate viability and success. The Business consulting encompasses the business analysis, operational reviews, business improvements, restructuring, business re-engineering and merger, acquisitions.

We also advice clients which of the businesses are profitable for start ups and acquisitions. We work with many industries such as retail, manufacturing, food service, hospitality, trading, IT, mining and energy.


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